All organisations and institutions working with children must understand what the Royal Commission means for them to ensure Australian children are never abused again.

Any organisation which has previously or continues to work with children and their families must have a clear and practical understanding of what the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse mean for their organisation moving forward, says Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS) Director Dr Kieran Le Plastrier. Dr Le Plastrier’s comments come after the ABC earlier this week aired its documentary Undeniable which detailed the struggle many victims of abuse and their families faced over many years to get the Royal Commission opened.

The documentary also explored how organisations and institutions who abused children in their care engaged in systemic coverups further delaying justice to victims.

“The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has been one of the most important commissions Australia has ever seen. The opportunity for victims and their families to tell their story and seek justice and for the commission to really explore what happened in these institutions over the many decades is incredibly important. “With the Royal Commission due to hand down its findings tomorrow with potentially hundreds and hundreds of recommendations, organisations who have either previously or who continue to work with children and their families need to get their heads around what they will now legally need to do resulting from the commission’s findings,” said Dr Le Plastrier.

The recommendations will have far reaching implications across multiple sectors in our society, with direct implications for any agency working with children or indirect contact with children including education, sports, foster care, employment, policing, legal, and insurance. The redress scheme alone directly impacts on any agency funded by State or Federal governments. Dr Le Plastrier said that CAPS remains totally committed to working with the Royal Commission, service providers and institutions working with children to ensure that never again will Australian children be at risk of sexual or any other type of abuse in the country’s institutions.

“As part of this commitment CAPS will be hosting a conference on 2 March in Sydney where Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald AM will discuss the findings of the Royal Commission and what they mean for our sector, our country and ultimately our children,’’ said Dr Le Plastrier.

Making the future safer for our children
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