Jeff Taylor

I joined CAPS after spending about 30 years working with the most marginalised people within our community. You get to see the effects of abuse in the many therapeutic roles I have had over that time.

It was evident to me that the only way to change the widespread abuse problems that our society faces was to reach families and children at the earliest possible time. Addressing trauma after the fact is a much harder issue to solve.  Prevention is about changing the whole dynamic.

Our vision is about the process of changing society for the better, one child, one family, one group, one school at a time.  We also provide educators with the skills to identify and support children who are in traumatic situations, again aiming to stem the tide.   

Our programs help people from the earliest possible time starting with pregnancy.  The best time to create change for the next generation is with today’s parents.

We teach an approach that fosters reflective thinking, self-nurturing and wise decision making by harnesses people’s internal drive help their children have better opportunities through a safe and secure childhood experience.

Our ethos of supporting people, is also how we support our staff with their goals. We are shaping a safe and secure healthy functioning organisation.  It is about getting the job done by encouraging exploration, curiosity, and creativity in an encouraging secure work environment.  We believe people can thrive under those conditions.

Most trauma victims are surviving not thriving. This is what we want to change.  Changing the community to bring about a better future for the generations that are being born today. In the first instance it is all about prevention of trauma, building a secure base to face challenges which helps build resilience.

If we look at the bigger picture of the environmental challenges we face, the increase in artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and major disruptions that we probably can’t even anticipate yet; we need our kids to feel more confident within themselves so that they can tackle these challenges. Lots of change is upon us. Our families and communities need to have a greater connection than they have had before so these challenges can be faced from a sense of internal safety and security to function more effectively within our changing times.

Our programs foster those outcomes.

About Jeff

Jeff has Bachelor of Arts Degree double major in Psychology, Graduate Diploma of Counselling, Certificate IV in Training and Evaluation (TAE) and is a Registered Family Dispute Practitioner. 

Jeff has extensive experience in working in both private practice and for not-for-profit organisation. Jeff has worked with Family Court of Australia, youth and Drug and Alcohol intervention work with drop-in centres, case management with young offenders and landmark mental health projects. Jeff has been the State Director of Practice for R.A. Qld, has set up the practice methods for the Family Relationship Centre Ashmore QLD, and set up the Pilbara Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation facility WA. 

After a long history of working in the tertiary end of treatment with marginalised clients, Jeff has flourished in his role as General Manager focusing on the preventative and early intervention end of the spectrum, developing new innovative programs.