About Us

The foundations of our organisation began in the 1970 when our founder, Dorothy Ginn AM offered her services to the Wayside Chapel Crisis Centre at King’s Cross, Sydney, Australia. She worked with people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and runaway children.  Through this work she identified child abuse and neglect was the root cause of trauma for these children so went about discovering ways to prevent child abuse and neglect.  

In 1973 Dorothy founded the organisation, that was simply named, “Prevention”.  The service developed unique, simple and effective methods of helping stressed families care for their children.  

Years of dedication and hard work culminated in the formalising of the service with a constitution and board under the new name of Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS) in 1997.

CAPS now provides evidence based face to face services, video and webinar services, education and support services via our online training and support platform which touches and changes lives in rural and remote Australia.