Child Abuse Prevention Service

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CAPS relies on sponsorship and support from the business community to deliver its programs of prevention, support and education. CAPS has a long history of highly successful business partnerships offering many opportunities including major campaign sponsorships or supporter roles, and providing partner businesses with valuable brand alignment and widespread exposure through extensive media and communications work.

CAPS offers many sponsorship packages for small and large business, which will help get your brand in front of your audience, or to a local community, whilst helping CAPS perform the prevention work we specialise in.  CAPS programs and marketing marterials touch over 10,000 families in the Sydney area alone.

We have direct contact with parents, families and workers in childcare, education and community members on a daily basis. Sponsor our evidence based programs and get your brand directly into peoples homes.

Please contact us regarding getting your brand into thousands of families homes.


Gold  Level    Sponsorhip 

Silver Level   Sponsorship

Bronze level  Spnsorship

Specific Program Sponsorship

Safe Children, Safe Families program

Nurturing Parent 1:1 program

Parenting program delivery


Newsletter, Fylers, pamphlets, school information sheets etc. 

If you are interested in a partnership with CAPS, please call 02 9797 8139 or email

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