Child Abuse Prevention Service

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Any non-accidental injury to a child, including shaking and excessive discipline.

Child Indicators

  • Unexplained physical injuries
  • Premature loss of teeth
  • Verbally reports abuse
  • Wary of adult contacts
  • Consistent anger, aggression, hyperactivity
  • Behavioural extremes
  • Role reversal
  • Developmental lags
  • Appears frightened of carer
  • Apprehensive when other children cry
  • Wears clothes to cover injuries
  • Seeks affection from any adult
  • Non-expression of his/her needs
  • Non-communicative

Carer Indicators

  • Seems unconcerned about child
  • Seems anxious and overwhelmed by their child’s needs
  • Takes a long time to get medical care for child
  • Gives inadequate explanation for the child’s injury
  • Takes child to a different doctor for each injury
  • Substance abuser
  • Disciplines the child too harshly
  • Describes child in a consistently negative manner
  • Has poor impulse control