Child Abuse Prevention Service

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The CAPS was founded in Sydney in 1973 to respond to the needs of "runaways" and others seeking help from the Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross. Originally known as 'Prevention', the service developed unique, simple and effective methods of helping stressed families care for their children.

CAPS registered as a charity in 1978 and became incorporated in 1989. Over the years CAPS has had many abodes, including the Director's home, a hut on Easy Street in the POW Hospital, and the Randwick Community Centre.

In 2010 CAPS developed its Carer and Parent Support (CAPS) branch under which operates its general parent education, groups, and family support work. CAPS is currently based in Ashfield, Sydney.

Since these humble beginnings CAPS has developed a strategic direction to embrace the lastest evidence based practices and developments in developmental psychology and neuroscience.  The lastest research has moved CAPS program direction to look at ways to change society for the better by working with todays parents and their children to develop functional secure adults of tomorrow.

The refreshed direction embraces CAPS current and original mission of focussing on prevention of adverse childhood experiences at the primary (general public education) and secondary (Early intervention) opportunities.

In 2016 we developed a comprehensive Theory of Change and Program logic that sets the platform for our programs.