Child Abuse Prevention Service

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CAPS is the preferred and trusted provider of effective programs and services that build connections in families, so children can feel safe, supported and loved.


Through its innovative approach to prevention and early intervention, CAPS fosters positive child development across NSW by:

 1. Enhancing child wellbeing

 2. Building resilience in children

 3. Supporting connected families


 100 Days of Action to Prevent Child Abuse!

5 Minutes a Day, 100 Days will make a difference in yours and someone elses life. Get Sponsored, do the action, raise the desperately needed funds. Give generously!

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Welcome to the CAPS website – online home of
Carer and Parent Support and Child Abuse Prevention Service.

CAPS works to improve outcomes for children by delivering evidenced based prevention and targeted early intervention programs to support the healthy development of children within connected functional families.

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