Child Abuse Prevention Service

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CAPS has a new LOGO coming.  Check it out here first.


The heart surrounding the child’s silhouette represents the CAPS vision of the child feeling cared for, so they feel safe, supported and loved.

The heart is a universal symbol of love and caring. This applies to the parents’, carers’, educators and organisations that come in contact with the child.

The colours are non-gendered symbols of carers holding, supporting and being attached to the child and the child securely attached to them.

The silhouette is also a gestalt of our potential as humans, the child’s potential when embraced by secure attachment.  The two colours represents and conveys a feeling of peace, serenity and calm healing.

The child’s central image, represents the child being our primary client. It  also represents the child being able to come out of silhouette into focus and reach their potential as a healthy functioning member of our society ready to support and love the next generation, as they have that full potential given they are being held by the parent, carers love and support.

The silhouette also represents the shadow side of ourselves, as parents that have been shrouded in our own adverse childhood experiences that affects our parenting. The loving heart surrounding that parent’s shadow side implies their best intent towards the child in themselves, as well as toward their child.

The heart also represents the unconditional support and acceptance of the parent’s history facilitates intergenerational change; the parent’s healing is a step towards enhancing the next generation of healthy functional adults.

CAPS under the image represents that CAPS provides the foundation, the bedrock of all of the above. The foundation of developing secure attachment, focusing on the earliest possible prevention of childhood adversity and building the loving connection in families. Enhancing the foundational work for child wellbeing and resilience.

This work starts at conception with perinatal education and continues through the first five years of life.

Thus the logo represents the whole that is required to empower families to thrive.

We aim to change society for the better by working with today's parents to help their children grow into healthy connected functional adults.

Research suggests that if we help our children to develop healthy secure attachment, they in turn will develop healthy secure attachment with their children and help them prosper and thrive.  A secure attachment between parent and child builds emotional intelligence, social confidence and improves communications skills.    Secure attachment enables the parent-child relationship to flourish and stay connected and resilient through difficult times, whilst supporting the child's well-being. 


CAPS is the preferred and trusted provider of effective programs and services that build connections in families, so children can feel safe, supported and loved.


Through our innovative approach to prevention and early intervention, CAPS fosters positive child development by:

 1. Enhancing child wellbeing

 2. Building resilience in children

 3. Supporting connected families

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CAPS works to improve outcomes for children by delivering evidenced based prevention and targeted early intervention programs to support the healthy development of children within connected functional families.


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